Technical Customer Support Services Vs Customer Support Services

Although Technical Customer Support Services and Customer Support Services both have to deal with customers and need good communication skills still both, are different services and needs different skills and professional qualifications. Both should maintain a friendly and supportive vibe to help in resolving problems easily and fast.

Difference between Technical Customer Support Services and Customer Support Services


Objective: – Technical Customer Support service provider focuses on resolving a technical issue with a product those customers cannot solve on his or her own.  They need the help of an experienced technical customer support agent. They have to find out what is not functioning properly to assist the customer. But the main goal for customer Support service agents is to create a positive experience for the customer. Customer service needs proactive approach to support and communicate with customers. They provide support to customers by answering their queries, solving the issues and resolving the doubts, which customers have in their mind.

Professional Skills: -Technical Support agents should have professional qualifications and knowledge to identify technical issues and troubleshoot to help customers. It needs support for different levels, where Level 1 is related to the general technical issues, Level 2 is more complex technical issues, and Level 3 and 4 are for the issues that require involvement of the product teams Whereas Customer service agents should have skills to enhance customer’s experience and build meaningful relationships with them. They require non- technical skills and need customer caring skills for finding ways to alleviate pain points quickly.

English Call Center (ECC) has been providing the best technical customer support services in English to resolve customers technical problems. We hire professionals with required qualifications who can understand technical problems of customers and resolve it as quickly as possible. they take care of customers feelings and listen to them patiently and resolve their problems politely.

Different types of Technical Customer Services in English

The ECC provides Technical customer services from self -managed to third level support. We managed self-help through wiki, FAQ and knowledge bases to the customers for quick and easy alternative to contact. But we take care to update it timely and solve the problems through emails also.  We have experienced and trained technical customer support agents to provide support for in-depth and complex questions.

Different types of Technical Customer Services in English

  • First line support: – Through first line support we provide technical customer services for common questions which need basic to general understanding of the product or services. ECC first line support agents handles up to 80% of issues. More complex technical issues are handled by higher level.
  • Second line of support (Complex issues): – Second level technical customer support more complex issues which need tech savvy. The issues are far more complicated and need in-depth knowledge of the product to handle these support requests. We have technical support agents who are professionally qualified to provide technical guidance. They help the customers in finding the solutions by communicating with them over the phone or live web chat. But even these requests require more expertise for which higher level support is available.
  • Third line of Support: – The complexity of issues is more so it requires custom work to solve it. We provide third level technical customer support with the collaboration of company. The company can provide customized training to our highly qualified professional technical support agent to take care of complex solutions.

ECC, Technical customer services ensure coordination and communication between sales, technical support, and engineering teams to optimize deals according to potential customer needs. Develop relationships between prospect and product by answering their queries and solving issues to develop new opportunities. We provide next level technical support services to our clients.

How Technical Support services in English increases customer satisfaction?

English Call Center is providing Technical support services in English to different industries who are looking ahead to expand their businesses in English speaking countries. We help them to overcome the pressure of competition by providing quality Technical support services to increase customer satisfaction level.

ECC build bridges between your product and customer by solving their queries and issues efficiently. Our technical employees help your customers to know ins and outs of products or services on your behalf.

How Technical Support Servicesin English enhance your customer’s experience?

  • Experienced Staff: -ECC Technical support calls Centers has pool of engineers and mechanics who are expert in solving technical issues related to different gadgets or software. They provide assistance to customers when they are in trouble of how to assemble the product, use it or stuck with some other product or services related problem. The technical agents build trust among people for the your product or services by solving their problems in an efficient manner. When their problems are solved smoothly they become loyal for their company.
  • Omni-channel system: – ECC provides multi-channel Technical Support solutions in English to reach each and every customers through most convenient platform. We provide 24 hours Omni-channel solutions to cater customers living in different time zones.
  • Increase Satisfaction level: – ECC has technical support trained employees that have good communication skills in English with patience which is essential to provide best customer services. They guide customer at every step they need assistance in best possible way which increases the satisfaction level of customer.

ECC  are always here to assist your customers whenever they have problems in best possible way. You can hire us for different technical support services including Troubleshooting calls, Help desk support, or Presale/ post sale support.

Benefits of 24 Hour Technical Customer Support for your Business

Outsource Technical Customer support in English

Sometimes due to lack of resources you cannot provide satisfactory technical customer support to your customers which will lead into frustrated customer. These disappointed customers will lose trust for your brand and your competitor will gain advantages of it. To overcome such situation you can outsource Technical Customer Support to a call center that can provide you benefits of 24 hour technical support in English.

Benefits of 24 hour Technical customer support services

Zero Waiting Hours: – The most beneficial part of outsourcing Technical customer support is that you can provide 24 hour services to your customer at economical rate. You can provide services to all the customers living in different time zone from under one roof in most commonly speaking language English. They do not have to wait for the office to open to get technical support help.

Reach Maximum Customer: – When you provide 24 hour services to your customers, customers feel free to contact you at their convenient time. It will help will enhance your customer’s experience with your company and they will become loyal customers.

Multi-channel Support: – Outsourcing Technical support  to a call center will help you to provide services using multi-channels like email, phone or web-chat to reach customers through the most convenient way they desire. It will increase your company’s reputation and your business graph will be strictly increasing.

ECC provides a technical Customer Support at an affordable price to cater your customer in English. Our process of technical help desk is very effective and comfortable for your customer. We provide training to our staff for your product with script of possible queries to answer promptly. Our agents are present 24 hours, 7 days to provide technical support services to your customer in English without any delay.

Why Technical Support Customer Service is Crucial to the Overall User Experience?

Technical Support Customer Services maintain, and enhance your end customer experience that is critical for your business. As an experienced Technical Support partner customer contact center will work with you to establish well-defined process strategies that support your business objectives by taking care of your customer’s technical support.

Technical Support Customer Service

What are the advantages of outsourcing technical support customer service?

  • Save money: – Outsourcing technical support provides benefits to release capital tied up in hiring manpower, purchasing software and technology. We look after your customers’ technical support service related to warranty, installation and starting services needs so you don’t have to.
  • Enhance customer service: – One of the main advantages of outsourcing technical support customer services is being able to offer your customers technology specialist to meet their technical and support needs.
  • Add value: – Advantages of outsourcing technical support include being able to add value to customers’ purchases. So you will have increase revenue without capital investment by up selling warranty support and specialist technical support services.

English Call Center has experience of many years in serving abroad range of specialist technologies and industries. They provide excellent technical and customer support by hiring and training expert repair and servicing engineers. You will have highly skilled project leaders, professional services consultants and help desk for technical support services. You can get flexible and scalable services when required, or even completely replace your in house technical support team, so you can concentrate on your core business. You can also hire multilingual technical support customer services fo your global business needs.