English Call Centre in Thailand

English Call Centre in Thailand employ the cutting edge technologies along with the best human resource to ensure quality Call centre services in English language. You can enhance your business come into limelight in International market. We take care of your call centre services in English while you focus on your core business activities.

Benefits of outsourcing English Call centre in Thailand

Customer Support Service

English Call centre in Thailand resolve the customers problems in 24 hours in a day in English to take care of your customer even when your business is closed. If business remains unsolved and needs special help we will immediately contact to the referred person of your company to resolve the query quickly to build inexpressible relation with your customer. Our incredible customer support services in English will increase customer happiness and happy customer will increase your business.

Web Chat Services

English call Centre services in Thailand Web Chat services is interactive user interface allowing chat easily from anywhere, by anyone over the iPhone, iPad, or Android. Our agents communicate in English and help you in building trust and loyal customers worldwide. Our agents help in up-sell and cross sell your products by giving meaningful answers to your customers.

Pre sales Lead generation services

We deliver pre sales lead generation services for building and nurturing a pipeline of high-value leads. Our team provide highly qualifying leads ensuring each has the potential to convert. You will also get call recording of each lead.

Technical customer support

English call centre in Thailand deals with problem found amongst call centres that they do not communicate rather rote their learnt script. But our management team will work with you to understand your product and create a plan to deal with such technical problems to people in English. Our technical support staff are given all the required information to maximise their efficiency and solve the technical problem in Siamese efficiently.

Staffing Services

English Call Centre in Thailand is fast growing recruitment company that serves vertical industries in staffing services. We understand the need of highly skilled human resources for your business who can communicate in English. Our team is highly talented in providing solutions for IT industry and non IT industries.

Inbound / Outbound Telesales

English call centre in Thailand, telesales agents are responsible for both receiving calls and reaching out to prospects. Our team communicate in English to create a seamless, consistent customer experience to build trust for your company. We provide multi-channel support for your company to communicate on all possible platforms to reach maximum number of people.

Customer retention and win-back

In order to increase customer retention strategy English call centre in Thailand focus on best customer services in English. When customer personal experiences with your product increases they became loyal to the brand. Loyal customer helps in increasing business and ROI.

English Call Centre in Thailand has unparalleled technical skills, effective strategies and innovative ideas to help you make your business flourish in different parts of world. Our team’s experience and dedication have made us pride in delivering fast and superior results in increasing market for your product.