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Major Types of Telephone Interpretation Services

Telephone Interpretation Services increases your communication level in the language you and your clients can understand which will help you form long-term relationships with your consumers.   It will allow you to expand your business abroad as you and your clients can communicate easily with help of English Call Center (ECC)’s Telephone Interpretation Service agents. Our high-quality interpreters with industry-specific experience make possible for your consumers to connect within 30 seconds. We have been assisting our clients in comprehending and responding to the language of their choosing for over a decade.

Types of Telephone Interpretation Services provided by ECC

  • Escort Interpretation Services: – Our professional interpretation agent is an adept at translating client language into the listener’s language and translating foreign language into client language with precise explanation to connect bridge between two different language speaking persons.
  • Consecutive Interpretation Services: – You can Outsource Telephone Interpretation Services to deliver the correct message with feelings. Our Consecutive Interpreter Service agents turns every idea and expression with significance into a semantic tone to deliver the message you want to convey to your listeners.
  • Simultaneous Interpretation Services: Our simultaneous interpretation reformulates the speech into the target language so that the audience may comprehend it at the same time. It helps in conveying word-to-word same message with same feelings, tone and expressions without any changes.
  • Remote Phone/Video Interpretation Services: – For deaf clients, we provide remote Telephone/video interpretation services for a range of purposes such as medical, legal, educational, and others.

ECC Telephone Interpretation Services team take comprehensive measures to maintain privacy and secure data leakage using technology which provide transparency of services and billing. We are on-demand professional telephone interpretation service providers for global companies. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for interpreting services, without an out-off-hour fee.

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