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Technical Customer Support Services Vs Customer Support Services

Although Technical Customer Support Services and Customer Support Services both have to deal with customers and need good communication skills still both, are different services and needs different skills and professional qualifications. Both should maintain a friendly and supportive vibe to help in resolving problems easily and fast.

Difference between Technical Customer Support Services and Customer Support Services


Objective: – Technical Customer Support service provider focuses on resolving a technical issue with a product those customers cannot solve on his or her own.  They need the help of an experienced technical customer support agent. They have to find out what is not functioning properly to assist the customer. But the main goal for customer Support service agents is to create a positive experience for the customer. Customer service needs proactive approach to support and communicate with customers. They provide support to customers by answering their queries, solving the issues and resolving the doubts, which customers have in their mind.

Professional Skills: -Technical Support agents should have professional qualifications and knowledge to identify technical issues and troubleshoot to help customers. It needs support for different levels, where Level 1 is related to the general technical issues, Level 2 is more complex technical issues, and Level 3 and 4 are for the issues that require involvement of the product teams Whereas Customer service agents should have skills to enhance customer’s experience and build meaningful relationships with them. They require non- technical skills and need customer caring skills for finding ways to alleviate pain points quickly.

English Call Center (ECC) has been providing the best technical customer support services in English to resolve customers technical problems. We hire professionals with required qualifications who can understand technical problems of customers and resolve it as quickly as possible. they take care of customers feelings and listen to them patiently and resolve their problems politely.

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