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Different types of Technical Customer Services in English

The ECC provides Technical customer services from self -managed to third level support. We managed self-help through wiki, FAQ and knowledge bases to the customers for quick and easy alternative to contact. But we take care to update it timely and solve the problems through emails also.  We have experienced and trained technical customer support agents to provide support for in-depth and complex questions.

Different types of Technical Customer Services in English

  • First line support: – Through first line support we provide technical customer services for common questions which need basic to general understanding of the product or services. ECC first line support agents handles up to 80% of issues. More complex technical issues are handled by higher level.
  • Second line of support (Complex issues): – Second level technical customer support more complex issues which need tech savvy. The issues are far more complicated and need in-depth knowledge of the product to handle these support requests. We have technical support agents who are professionally qualified to provide technical guidance. They help the customers in finding the solutions by communicating with them over the phone or live web chat. But even these requests require more expertise for which higher level support is available.
  • Third line of Support: – The complexity of issues is more so it requires custom work to solve it. We provide third level technical customer support with the collaboration of company. The company can provide customized training to our highly qualified professional technical support agent to take care of complex solutions.

ECC, Technical customer services ensure coordination and communication between sales, technical support, and engineering teams to optimize deals according to potential customer needs. Develop relationships between prospect and product by answering their queries and solving issues to develop new opportunities. We provide next level technical support services to our clients.

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